Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome, 2012!

Wow, I can't believe how fast 2011 passed by.  While it was in session, 2011 seemed to drag on, but then looking back, I can't believe all that happened in only 365 are a few highlights of my year.

On January 23rd we added #3 to our family.  Isabella Rae, she was the sweetest little bundle of love, with deep dark eyes, and fine, dark hair, so quiet and alert!  Always observing us.  We call her baby Bella.  What a wonderful new years gift after waiting SO long for her.

In the midst of midterms, in February, I cranked out the pink granny square blanket, the blue one I finished in January, while I was in labor with Bella.  It felt good to crochet again, it had been a while since I had to time to be creative.

In March, baseball started, and brrrr, was it cold.  It was an adventure taking R to his practices with both girls and no help.  Adjusting to 3 kids was harder than I thought it would be!

In April, we took a short trip to Austin for a special wedding.  We took Bella with us, but it still seemed like a lazy vacation only having to take care of the baby!  It was in the 90's when we were there, that is my kind of weather.  :o)

In May the cloud cover began to lift and we were finally able to crawl out of hibernation and go to the beach!  This is what I look forward to every year.  I am not a cold weather person!

June, we were settled in our "new to us" home.  We finally felt like we were at home, so much space, storage, a huge yard, and I finally got my own sewing/crafting area!

July arrived and we took our annual trip to south western Michigan.  We enjoyed ten days with family, on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Sunshine, and sand, I can't ask for much more.  :o)

I was a brave soul in August and took all of the kids to watch the Blue Angels practice, we saw them take off and land.  So cool!  August also brought summer quarter to a close for me (whew! I survived) and I started to study for the GRE.

In September, we enjoyed a week of the hottest days of the year.  After an unusually cool summer, this was a much needed way to end the season.  I tackled the GRE and then immediately started fall quarter.  Yikes, that still makes me exhausted thinking about it.

October brought sunshine, and pumpkins!  Miss L couldn't wait to pick out a pumpkin!  I also started to blog again, after taking a long hiatus. 

This little trouble maker started WALKING (at nine months!) in November.  I wasn't ready for it at all!  Even in the midst of midterms and finals I was able to crank out some fun DIY projects for around the house, can't wait to tackle a few more!

December arrived and along with it came sunshine (wow!) and very little rain.  Being able to see the mountain during sunset is always a nice treat.  I finished a ton of creative ventures, I needed a break from school and time to let my creativity take it's course.

It was a great year for us, despite quite a few ups and downs.  But that is normal, a year of all ups wouldn't be very interesting.

Cheers to 2012, I can't wait to see what this year holds for my family.  Here's to loads of fun, laughter, adventure, and memories.


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