Wednesday, March 14, 2012

yarn and glass.

I have a love affair with crochet.  It is so easy and so much fun.  I whipped these up for my sister's baby shower around Thanksgiving, but I forgot to take pictures of them (of course).   I mentioned them here, also mentioned is my failure to take pictures of the items I make.

My nephew made his appearance last month and I couldn't wait to  take some cute pics of him with the 85L lens that I rented.  (If you ever need to rent a lens, use these guys, they are great!)  The lens was to DIE for.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I want that lens.  People were right when they said that once you use L glass you won't ever want to use anything else.  I look at pictures from my "normal" lenses and they make me sad, pictures from the L series are so crisp and clear!  Oh yeah, and my nephew, it was fun to see his fuzzy little head wearing the hats that I made him.  He's a cutie patootie, that's for sure.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cute in corduroy.

Grace, ever so gracefully (ha), helped me finished these two adorable dresses.  They are, of course, an Oliver + s pattern, the school photo dress.  They are my favorite children's patterns, what can I say?

(not sure why my images look so blurred right now.  Even when they are re-sized they look blurry.  If you click on them you'll see a clear image, hmmm...)

These are fully lined, have a cute kangaroo pocket in front, and an invisible zipper in back.  I used a light weight corduroy, and I messed up matching the pattern on the front left panel of the brown dress.  It drives me crazy every time I look at it.  Despite that, I think they are adorable.  They are even more adorable when two little girls are wearing them, but my models wouldn't cooperate.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.


I can do it!

Well...I'm almost there.  I have one more final to write and then I get two weeks off.  I CAN'T WAIT.  This quarter has been so tough, balancing a family with school is hard.  Really hard.  Especially because when I do something, I do it 110%.  With school I've done the same thing.  I couldn't just do it with the basics.  No.  I had to go above and beyond.  Conducting a research study?  Sure, sign me up.  Writing an honors thesis?  Great, I'd love to.  Taking a full credit load plus TA?  Yes, please!  Do all of this, maintain a 3.9ish GPA, take care of three kids and try to be a good wife at the same time?  I must be insane.  I couldn't just go through and get a BA without doing a ton of extra work.  That's just not me.  Plus I have this ridiculous graduate school dream and we will see if that pans out in the next year or two.  So hopefully all this extra work will be worth it.  We'll see. 

Anyway, enough about school.  Let's talk about crafty things.  Like sewing machines.  I hated my old one, it was terrible.  I don't know how I lasted so long with it.  Seriously, it chewed up one too many invisible zippers and I almost threw it across the room.  I was so frustrated I wanted to cry.  A new machine was not in the budget, so I said goodbye to a lens and made room in the budget for a new machine.  

Meet Grace.

She's quite the lady, very polite, never chews zippers, always quiet, she's sturdy too and can sew through six layers of denim without a complaint, and doesn't require a foot pedal, which I love!

I haven't been able to use her too much because of school getting in the way, but you can be sure that over spring break we are going to get better acquainted.  

Apparently 2012 is a year for change because my serger is on its last leg and needs to be replaced...its a babylock and so old they don't make parts for it anymore.  Any suggestions for a new one?