Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cross another off the list.

I've been holding true to a resolution of mine: trying not to start any new projects without finishing the old projects.  So far it's been working nicely.  I hope it is a cure for my craft ADD.  If anything it keeps my house cleaner since I don't have five thousand unfinished projects lying around...and it certainly is a motivator to get one project done so I can excitedly start on another. 

This is just a simple zigzag or ripple crochet pattern, you can find similar patterns all over.

Originally I wanted a full size afghan but after going thru three large skeins of "slub-tastic" yarn, I figured a lap blanket was good enough.  The texture of the yarn is great!  I really like how it turned out, and it fits in nicely with my green/blue theme I've got going on in our living room.  Although, until it recently started warming up, this blanket was living on my bed and giving me some extra toastiness during January, February and March.

You know it's a hit when kitty likes it.

Next time I am going to use contrasting yarn and get the real chevron look.  Here is some yummy inspiration that I found on pinterest.


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