Monday, June 4, 2012

yet another!

I finished this in March, and am just now blogging about it.  Ha.  This time it is the oliver + s tea party sundress!  This pattern was the first oliver + s pattern that I saw.  I couldn't justify spending the money on the pattern at that time since it was only offered for birth-24m and miss L was already in a 12-18 mo, so I bought another pattern and decided to wait on this one.  Of course it was out of print by the time she was big enough for a 2T.  So sad!  As soon as a digital copy was offered I snatched one up in a 2T-5.

This was a serious stash buster, the lavender was left over from these dresses, and I didn't have enough of the gray fabric to match up the pattern on the bottom half of the dress, I hope nobody notices that.  :)

I love the hem facing, even though hand sewing is a total pain-in-the-you-know-what.  The lavender and gray are pretty together, sometimes muted colors are just the way to go.  I've been sewing with muted colors quite a bit lately, which isn't my norm.  I have some super bright fabrics lined up for the next few dresses, can't wait to start on them!  If I can just make it through this week (finals week), then I can dust off my sewing machine and start creating again.



  1. I love it! If you hadn't said that the bottom fabric doesn't line up, I would not have noticed. And how funny, I'm leaning towards muted/neutrals more now as well. Zeitgeist?

    1. I always point out the flaws, maybe I shouldn't? Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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