Thursday, November 14, 2013

Photo shoot.

I've been making an effort to take more pictures of us as a family.  We usually get one really good shot each year, but after the baby was born, I've been trying to get all of us together as much as I can.  I guess I feel like time is flying by and I want to freeze these special moments in any way possible.

Last weekend we went down to the river to take some pictures for our Christmas cards.  There was a beautiful covered bridge and an old mill building with the most lovely brick walls.  Apparently everybody else had the same idea I did because the place was packed with families and their photographers following them around for portraits.  Despite the crowds, the morning was perfect, especially since we didn't get out the door very early (big surprise) it was mostly overcast so we didn't have to worry about any harsh shadows.

Here are a few of the outtakes from our photo session.  Can I tell you how hard it is to take the pictures and be in the pictures?  All while herding two kids, a toddler and making sure the baby is looking somewhere near the camera?  Oh, and don't forget the people who will walk right in front of a tripod as soon as you succeed in getting your camera to pick up the wireless signal from your phone?  Anyway, yeah it was fun, just a little challenging.

 As soon as we got there the kids took off running...

We were finally able to gather everyone in one spot - here I accidentally started taking pics before we were ready.

After the bridge, we wandered around the old mill building - I absolutely love that brick background!

This was near the end, we were all over it.  I think we got one more shot after this and it was "the one" (notice baby's shoe on the right side of this picture - he kicked it off).

I really want to get into photography more and not just taking pictures of my family.  If you know of someone looking for really cheap for family/lifestyle photography and they are in the Metro Atlanta area, let me know!  I need to build up my portfolio!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

(almost) Summer sewing

Having a baby at the end of May gave me a small chunk of "time off" from work, right as school was getting out and the weather was warming up.  I'm told that Georgia is usually nice and warm by April, but this year was unusually cold, wet and gray (hello, Seattle).  So, by the time the baby arrived and the weather was not so miserable, I was so ready to leave the extended winter behind and make the girls some cute summer dresses.  I had to dust off my sewing machine and serger because they had not been unpacked since we moved over a year ago - so sad! 

When the baby was about 5 days old (no joke) I started off with the Croquet Dress by Oliver + S.  I really can't say enough about how much I love these patterns.  They sew up beautifully, the details are stunning, yet they are simplistic with a bit of modern flair.

I purchased the fabric for these a few years ago, it's from the Tutti Frutti line that Joann's carries.  Not my favorite fabric wise, as it is rather stiff and waffely (is that even a word?) but I thought the colors looked cute together.  I made a 4T and 2T.

I will definitely pull this pattern out again next summer.  The dresses were a nice, quick project and they are roomy enough so I think the 4T will work again for Miss L next season.