Thursday, January 23, 2014

3, can it be?

Three years ago today I was holding a brand new baby girl in my arms.  In the midst of life with a 7 year old, a 2 year old and finishing my college degree, I took a quick 6 hour break to have a baby.  We had a midwife and were planning a home birth, but decided (thanks to a tiny rental home), about halfway through the pregnancy, to give birth in the free standing birth center.  Bella's birth was my first experience out of a hospital.  It was AMAZING.  Yeah, it hurt, but it was manageable and quick.  The difference in the care I received from a midwife, compared to my previous two hospital births, wow, it was a world of difference.  And, you just can't beat going home three hours after giving birth.  There's nothing like the comfy-ness of your own bed after a life changing event.

Back to the birthday. 

 This sweet little baby was born three years ago. 

A year passed too quickly and then she was one, oh the chub, I love it!  

Last year she was just getting over the ickies when her birthday rolled around and was a little moody.  

This year she is three, I can't believe it.  Three years old.  My sweet Bella Boo.  

Thank you for the joy you bring us, thank you for your hugs and kisses.  I love your spirit, I love your spunk and even when you are a challenge, I love you.  You are a joy, you are so sweet one minute and then completely sassy and grouchy the next.  Your little lisp is the best and those big brown eyes, I get lost in them daily.  Don't ever change.  You will always be my little girl.


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