Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Chilly Celebration...Frozen!

Last week Miss B turned 3!  I asked her what  kind of party she wanted and she immediately answered with an enthusiastic "Frozen!"  I was happy to oblige for three reasons: one - we loved the movie so much we've seen it twice, two - glitter is the best and three - blue is my favorite color!  Selfish reasons, I know.

We didn't want a character party (Sorry, Elsa and Anna).  So, we focused on the colors and the sparkly magic of winter.

Decorations: I started with snowflakes, a step up from the coffee filter kind of my childhood, Martha has a great tutorial.  If you had time, these could become pretty intricate with thinner paper, an xacto knife and a cutting mat.  Time is something that I lack, so I opted for the simple route and used scissors and regular paper.  I hot glued several snowflakes to a length of yarn to create a garland and then hung the rest on silver branches.  I added lights along with the snowflake garland for extra sparkle. 

The light blue cones (trees) in the above picture are made from glittery card stock formed into a cone shape.  I thought that would be easier/faster than using styrofoam cones and covering them in glitter.

Of course my Snowflake Pyrex had to make a guest appearance since it fit the theme perfectly.  I didn't have anything to put in it, so it was flipped upside down and used as a stand for extra cupcakes. Yay, Pyrex!

I made three tissue "poofs" to hang from the ceiling alongside the balloons and I liked them so much they are going up as permanent decor in my craft room.

Activities: we painted sparkly pictures with epsom salts and the kids played pin the nose on Olaf.  I didn't get any pictures of the Olaf game, I must have been busy with the baby.

Party favors: I made crowns from glitter foam and used pipe cleaners to form the back of the crown.  I glued some shiny rhinestones to each crown to make them extra fancy.  

Each snow princess got a ribbon wand and a snowflake inspired hair clip.

Snacks: fun and simple, doughnut hole "snowmen" with orange starburst noses.  Christoph's "ice cubes" Blue Raspberry Jello-o.  Marshmallows on sticks dipped in blue sprinkles.  I put them on sticks so they could be dipped in hot cocoa.  We also served star shaped cheese and crackers and kettle corn.

Desserts:  Of course I made cake pops and cupcakes, I found a new favorite vanilla cupcake recipe here.  The butter cream frosting turned out a lovely shade of Tiffany blue, my favorite!

Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law for hosting, cooking the meal and helping with everything else, I think it turned out wonderful and we had a bunch of little girls who didn't want the magic to end!

 "Let it go, let it go..."

Inspiration found here, here and here.


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