Monday, January 13, 2014


Fun fact, I actually used to play badminton quite often (just for fun).  So many great memories, running around with birdies and whacking them as hard as I could with those weird, lightweight rackets.  Lazy summer days as a kid were so much fun.

When I played badminton, I didn't usually wear a dress, but my girls like dresses more than I ever, I made them two Oliver + s Badminton Dresses (view c)!  They can run around playing badminton just like I did, only they will do it in style!

These dresses have so many cute details, I love them.

The fabric is from Joann's, it's part of the Spring 2012 collection from Little Lisette.  It's a nice study cotton, so smooth and not flimsy at all.  Yes, it was sitting in my stash for over a year before I used it.  That's pretty typical for me these days, nothing creative gets done quickly with a job and four kids.

Hooray for finally buying some size tags!  No more guessing on sizes. 

I "turned and stitched" all the seams for a neat, finished look.  I'm all about creative ways of finishing seams lately.  I think that trend started because my serger died.  The hem facing is a contrasting yellow plaid that I picked up at Joann's, I also used it for the trim on the front.  I sewed a size 2 and 4 for the girls, they are a roomy fit so these can be worn next year, too.  This was the last time my girls can both wear a dress made from the same pattern set.  So sad!  Sad because they are growing and sad because I have to spend twice as much on two set of patterns.

If sewn with flannel, these would make adorable nightgowns, don't you think?



  1. Oh yes, what a good idea, nighties!

    I love this dress but as it is sleeveless I worry about my little girls getting sunburnt.

    I adore your perfect seam finishes.

    xx N

    1. Good point on the sunburns. A little white tee underneath might help with that? We usually just slather on the sunscreen. Thanks for stopping by!


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