Friday, January 17, 2014


So, I've found a new foodie blog that I really enjoy and have been following since early summer.  100 Days of Real Food is co-authored by a couple who came from distinctly different "food" backgrounds but now have the same goals of finding "real" food options in a world that is so focused on the quick, the easy, and the processed.  I have to admit that I have been a label reading Nazi for quite some time, so finding a blog that shared my label reading passions was great!

Our world is so full of processed food that it can be cumbersome finding the time and energy to make healthy meals with whole foods.  100 Days provides you with meal plans, recipes, and even pledges for taking processed food out of your diet.  I think best of all, Lisa posts "real" food school lunches for her kids!  How awesome is that?!  For me, it's pretty awesome, since I've got one school-aged kiddo and we are always trying to find creative lunch options that are healthy and that R will actually eat.

As healthy as I would like to be, I've also got a sweet tooth, so when the girls wanted to make cookies the other day of course I obliged.  I found this recipe on 100 Days and OMaGarsh, these cookies are SO good.  I've made them twice since baking them up the first time.  Who knew whole wheat flour could make such a fluffy cookie?

 My little helpers eagerly awaited while I creamed the butter and added an egg.

 Brown sugar first!

 Now the white stuff.

 Isn't it pretty?  Add a few other ingredients, mix it all up, pop them in the oven and then...

 You've got heaven, in cookie form!


 "Mama, can I have another?"

What is your favorite cookie recipe?


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