Friday, January 31, 2014


We don't get much of the white stuff here in the south, so when the forecast called for snow I certainly didn't believe it.  But, on Tuesday, right before lunch, it started to snow just like predicted.

It kept snowing and pretty soon there were about 2 inches on the ground.

The snow didn't stop and R was let out of school early.

Businesses were closing early all over and it took my husband 4 hours to come home, usually it is a 45 minute trip with traffic.  We were lucky though, some kids were stuck on buses or spent the night at school because their parents couldn't get to them.  There were motorists that spent the night in their cars.  I'm thankful that we were able to enjoy the snow from our cozy home.

 On Wednesday it was chilly but sunny, the kids played out in the snow all day.

Yay for snow!

It's warmer today and the sun in still shining, the snow is melting, but it was fun while it lasted.


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