Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Pinwheel Hybrid.

More oliver + s sewing from early fall of last year.  It was still nice and warm and I wasn't ready to sew anything with long sleeves, I just couldn't bring myself to do it!  I bought the Pinwheel Tunic + Slip Dress when it came out a few seasons ago and I bought some cute floral tutti frutti fabric from Joann's just for this pattern.

I wanted the length of the dress with the sleeves of the tunic.  So, I sewed a combo of view A, the tunic with sleeves and View B, the slip dress.  To merge the two views, I used the top of the tunic pattern and matched it to the bottom of the dress pattern pieces.  This is the first "big" size that I've sewn from oliver + s.  It's a 5T and is roomy enough for Miss L to wear next summer. 

This pattern was a quick easy sew and the flounce on this is so fun!  I thought that bright yellow bias binding would really make a nice pop against the pink flowers.

I used twill tape for the tie in the back and I regret not just continuing with the yellow bias binding.  Ah, well, lesson learned.

Miss L liked it and asked me to sew her another without sleeves for next summer.  Hopefully I can get it done in May instead of next fall.  :)

In other news, after deciding that I am sick of cold weather, I've started planning for summer sewing.  It's time to start buying all that fabric I've been pinning for the last few months!

Have you started planning your summer sewing yet?


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