Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Tea Party Sundress.

I still have a few dresses I made last fall that I need to blog about.  The first is this oliver + s Tea Party Sundress.

I've had this pattern for a while, but have only made it one other time.  I've been dreaming of making a Tea Party Sundress in red for a few years now and finally purchased some fabric to fulfill that dream.

Both prints are Michael Miller and from  Michael Miller is my fav lately, such a nice smooth texture and very study without being too stiff.

I thought white piping would make for some cute contrast and I edge-stitched along the seams in red.  I'm all about the details lately.

The buttons are simple, but again, I love that contrast between the white and the red gingham.

Be still my heart, a two year old in pig tails.  I sewed up a 3T knowing it would be a little roomy, but Miss B can wear it this summer.

She likes it!

While we went outside to take pictures, I left my then four year old Miss L playing with scraps in my sewing room.  We were outside for about two minutes. 

I came back and Miss L was sitting in the same spot, but her hair, her HAIR, had been cut!  That sneaky little girl grabbed my sewing scissors, hacked off her bangs, threw the evidence in the trash, put the scissors back and sat down in the same spot, as if nothing had ever happened.  This all happened in about 90 seconds.  Thankfully, she did a great job of only hacking her bangs off and I just needed to trim then up a bit to make it look like we had done it on purpose.

Ta-da!  New hair!  I've cut her hair before, but it had been a while.  I admit, this is cute, just not as easy to put in a bun for ballet.  I learned my lesson and put my sewing scissor up in the closet.

Fast forward about 24 hours and I was brushing Miss B's hair and noticed that a huge hunk had been chopped out of the back of her hair.

See that, that is baby hair, it's never been cut before, until now.  Miss L, decided that she had so much fun cutting her own hair that she would find some little kid scissors and cut off her little sister's hair.  Lesson learned again, ALL scissors now live at the top of my sewing room closet and are only brought down with constant supervision.

This hack job needed a little bit of work.

I shed a few tears while I cut her hair.  All that soft baby, blondness, that silly little toddler mullet.  It's all gone now.  

  This little girl, who we sometimes call "Bob" now, has a bob.  It's cute, but I still miss that baby mullet.

I keep telling myself it's just hair, right?


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