Saturday, March 22, 2014

Playdate dress

I love the oliver + s playdate pattern. It's so simple, yet has so many beautiful little details. The pleats in the front, the hem facing, the pockets, the sleeve pleats...need I say more?

I've made two of these dresses previously. This time, I sewed up a 3T for Miss B and I shortened the sleeves to accommodate for a hot, southern summer. The dress reminds me of something Shirley Temple might have worn.

The fabric and bias tape were leftover from this dress that I made for Miss L late last summer. I had just enough of both leftover for the playdate dress, I love it when that happens! 

 The buttons were from my stash, they matched the yellow/orange in the print perfectly.

Miss B is going through a very picky stage with her clothing. For about a month it was all "boy clothes" which meant no dresses, no skirts, just shirts/tunics and leggings. With warmer weather emerging she is finally embracing the idea of dresses and skirts again. But, for some odd reason, she won't wear this dress. So anyway, as cute as this is, it has been hanging in her closet for a few months and she won't touch it. Ah well, you can't win every time, right? 

Have you ever made something that your children refused to wear? How did you handle it? I don't want to force her, but I want her to wear it so my hard work doesn't go to waste!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Going to the library.

More oliver + s! This time it is the library dress. I made a 5 and a 3T with some Michael Miller prints from fabricworm

This is the first time I've bought a pattern in both size ranges and I don't think I will be doing that again. Sorry, Miss B, you'll just have to wait until you are a size 5 until you wear any new designs.

I was inspired by the example of the library dress on the cover of the pattern, which is why I choose the burgundy print for Miss B's dress. I wanted a coordinating fabric for Miss L's dress, without being too matchy, so I thought the lovely shade of turquoise would go work well. They were brought together with a matching waist band. 

This pattern was so fun to sew and I love the collar detail on the front, but you can also make it without a collar for a more modern look. I can't wait to make it without a collar and 3/4 length sleeves for next fall, but I am getting ahead of myself.

 Here is Miss B in her dress, we were outside enjoying a warm spring day after a cold nasty winter.

I think the skirt pleats give the dress a nice simple touch.
And, Miss L in her turquoise version. She was a little miffed that her dress wasn't "pink" but she got over it pretty quickly.

 I used white piping on the waist band to make it pop just a bit.

Care to take a trip to the library, anyone?

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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Half Moon Bay Dress

Please enjoy the pictures of my little model/muse wearing her Half Moon Bay Dress. :)


I was delighted to be able to test this pattern for Kelly of Sewing In No Man's Land. I made the Half Moon Bay Dress in a 5T and my daughter loves it! The pattern is lovely and you can whip this up in about 3-4 hours. It took me more like two days because I am constantly interrupted and can only sit and focus for about 20 minutes at at a time, ha! I will be making another of these dresses very soon. I will be sewing a 4T next time because the patterns runs a bit large. You can purchase the pattern here.

Because I was testing this pattern I didn't want to go out and buy any supplies, I used vintage quilting cotton from my stash and had just enough. I had to get really creative when cutting the pieces out!

 I "customized" the skirt a bit because I ran out of fabric and had to cut the front piece in two pieces, so I sewed a strip of of fabric down the front to hide the seam. I think it turned out pretty cute and made the skirt more interesting.

I also customized the back and added a button instead of a zipper, only because all my zippers were either too long, too short, or too pink.

I wasn't able to get a picture of Miss L in her new dress as we had to rush off to church and then after church parts of our meal landed on the dress. Once it's washed and pressed she'll be wearing it again and I'll get some pictures.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Princess Aurora.

Miss L requested a Princess Aurora costume for Halloween. Just as with Rapunzel, I used Simplicity 2377. I modified the bodice, lengthened the skirt and added a ruffle to the bottom. I also embellished with gold ribbon to make the dress seem a little more "royal." I wasn't blogging when I made this so I didn't take pictures of the process, sorry! At least you can enjoy some cute pictures of the finished product.

 "Ok, mom, I'm done smiling."

The crown was a purple play crown that I found in the bottom of the dress up box and it fell victim to an urge to spray paint. I think it looks much better in bronze.

Don't forget to practice your curtsy!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

all tangled up.

Even though I was working full time last Halloween, I was able to sneak in a few really late nights and make the girl's each a Halloween costume. Miss B requested a Rapunzel costume (imagine a cute little two year old asking you to make her a Rapunzel costume, only she has an adorable lisp so it sounds more like "rapunthel," yeah, it is hard to say no to that).

For this dress I used Simplicity 2377 view A. I used plain old quilting cotton in two shades of purple and two different widths of pink ribbon to create the Rapunzel look. I added about 6 inches to both skirt pieces for a little extra fullness.

I love how the dress turned out, especially the sleeves.

For Rapunzels hair, I used two types of yellow yarn that I braided into a long braid.  

I wrapped it around her head and tied it with a pink ribbon at the base of her head, which left a nice long braid hanging over her little shoulder. The dress and hair were an instant hit. She still wears the dress at least twice a week to play dress up in. She would probably wear it every day if I let her. :)

"Best. Day. EVER!"
We tried to use a small frying pan as a prop but Rapunzel accidentally bopped herself in the head with it right before we left to go trick or treating, so we opted to leave it at home.

It was a little freeing to sew some costumes and not have to worry about every little thing being perfect. I can already picture next year's requests, probably something that has to do with Frozen?


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kids Clothes Week

I've always watched from afar and never participated. Needless to say, I am pretty excited for this:

kid's clothes week

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

9 months old

So it's March already? Not quite sure how that happened, but it did. My days have been filled with a busy baby and two busy little girls that just can't stop belting out the song "Let It Go" you'd think it was a Broadway musical audition going on over here. At about 2:40pm a 10 year old comes home to join in the madness. It is madness, I tell you. Four against one, the odds are against me until Daddy gets home and even with him here, we are still outnumbered!

I finished most of my craft room re-do, I can't wait to show you pictures. Besides buying an expedit bookcase from Ikea, the whole makeover cost about $10 because I used items I already had. SCORE! The colors I choose are obnoxiously bright and beautiful. I'm getting anxious to start sewing again, since my room is all done, my machines are all set up and I can't wait to get started. I hope the new set up kick starts my motivation, it has been lacking lately.

In other news, this little guy is now 9 months old. how can that be?

 Big Sister B photobomb.

 Goofy grin.

 "It's your turn to change my diaper, Daddy..."

This face makes me melt. Those cheeks and those lashes and look at the little curls behind his ears!
If you can't tell from these pictures, he is the sweetest little man I've ever met. Seriously, what a chill little guy, love him so.