Tuesday, March 4, 2014

9 months old

So it's March already? Not quite sure how that happened, but it did. My days have been filled with a busy baby and two busy little girls that just can't stop belting out the song "Let It Go" you'd think it was a Broadway musical audition going on over here. At about 2:40pm a 10 year old comes home to join in the madness. It is madness, I tell you. Four against one, the odds are against me until Daddy gets home and even with him here, we are still outnumbered!

I finished most of my craft room re-do, I can't wait to show you pictures. Besides buying an expedit bookcase from Ikea, the whole makeover cost about $10 because I used items I already had. SCORE! The colors I choose are obnoxiously bright and beautiful. I'm getting anxious to start sewing again, since my room is all done, my machines are all set up and I can't wait to get started. I hope the new set up kick starts my motivation, it has been lacking lately.

In other news, this little guy is now 9 months old. how can that be?

 Big Sister B photobomb.

 Goofy grin.

 "It's your turn to change my diaper, Daddy..."

This face makes me melt. Those cheeks and those lashes and look at the little curls behind his ears!
If you can't tell from these pictures, he is the sweetest little man I've ever met. Seriously, what a chill little guy, love him so.


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