Monday, March 10, 2014

all tangled up.

Even though I was working full time last Halloween, I was able to sneak in a few really late nights and make the girl's each a Halloween costume. Miss B requested a Rapunzel costume (imagine a cute little two year old asking you to make her a Rapunzel costume, only she has an adorable lisp so it sounds more like "rapunthel," yeah, it is hard to say no to that).

For this dress I used Simplicity 2377 view A. I used plain old quilting cotton in two shades of purple and two different widths of pink ribbon to create the Rapunzel look. I added about 6 inches to both skirt pieces for a little extra fullness.

I love how the dress turned out, especially the sleeves.

For Rapunzels hair, I used two types of yellow yarn that I braided into a long braid.  

I wrapped it around her head and tied it with a pink ribbon at the base of her head, which left a nice long braid hanging over her little shoulder. The dress and hair were an instant hit. She still wears the dress at least twice a week to play dress up in. She would probably wear it every day if I let her. :)

"Best. Day. EVER!"
We tried to use a small frying pan as a prop but Rapunzel accidentally bopped herself in the head with it right before we left to go trick or treating, so we opted to leave it at home.

It was a little freeing to sew some costumes and not have to worry about every little thing being perfect. I can already picture next year's requests, probably something that has to do with Frozen?


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