Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's finally here!

Kids Clothes Week is here! I am finally participating this time around and I couldn't be more excited. I thought I would start off the week with something rather simple, like a quick refashion...

 Miss B loved this dress last summer and she was ecstatic to see it again and put it on as soon as the weather would allow. Apparently she grew about 3 inches because this used to hang to her knees! It is way too short to wear as a dress now. Usually, I would drop it in the donate box, but I thought I should give it new life since she loved it so much last year.

This dress it perfect for this project because of the full skirt and empire waist. Don't mind the stains, she plays hard in her clothes and I didn't wash this before tackling the project.

 I cut off the bodice, leaving as much of the skirt as possible.

After cutting, fold down the waist band to get ready for elastic. I used 1 inch elastic so I folded the top down 1/2 inch and then another 1 1/2 inch, pin it down and then start sewing. Make sure to leave a few inches for an opening to thread your elastic through. Sorry, no pictures for this portion because I had to rush before the baby woke up!

The whole project took about 20 minutes from start to finish. Now, Miss B can enjoy her favorite dress, in skirt form, for another year! 


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