Wednesday, April 9, 2014

KCW Day #3.

Another refashion! My daughters and I absolutely LOVE Lil Blue Boo dresses. They are made of the softest knit with a cute drop waist, twirly skirt, and fun screen print designs. I am pretty bummed that the owner Ashley has closed up shop, but I am excited to follow her on her new adventure, but that is another story and I am getting off track.

Miss B has a favorite LBB dress that is a racerback. She wore it constantly last summer and she would put it on herself by stepping through the neck hole. No matter how I tried to get her to put it on over her head, there's not much you can do to stop a stubborn two year old. Anyway, she stretched the neckline out really bad, the dress was becoming unwearable and I couldn't bear to let it go just yet so I gave it new life as a skirt.

Lay your dress out flat and figure out where you will cut. Make sure to leave about two inches for the waist band. Click here for a more detailed tutorial on the tranformation

I also cut out the skull silk screen because I had plans for that as well. I ended up ironing interfacing to the back of the cut out and sewing it on to a t-shirt to complete the outfit.

 Yay for another quick project!

Now, ready, set TWIRL!

Cheers to another KCW project! What are you working on?


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