Tuesday, April 8, 2014

KCW Day #2.

I've made a few matching sets of dresses for the girls and I think I'd much rather make coordinating outfits. Especially since Miss B gets the leftovers when Miss L grows out of everything. And we all know it's no fun getting a bigger, used version of something that you just grew out of. Instead, I like to sew them the same dress, but coordinate the fabric so the girls feel unique.

This time, I went out on a limb and switched it up a little and matched the fabric, but made two entirely different dresses. I had two yards of this lovely Riley Blake print from fabricworm and I had just enough to make two oliver + s patterns. I had to be fussy with how I cut these out, there was barely enough fabric!
There was no posing without their lego creations. I was told that these are guns, but they end up being used more like magic wands. We are in full blown princess mode around here.

I made Miss L a 5T roller skate dress. It was made completely reversible by sewing together the lining and the outer material at the bottom instead of hemming each separately. I have a feeling I won't ever see the orange/cream side since she is obsessed with all things pink. The lining is a fun Andover print from fabricworm which you can see in the picture below.

This is the second time I've made this dress and I already have plans for another. Why not, I mean you can sew it up in an afternoon and the wearer adores it!

(She looks so much older in this picture. Where is my toddler?)
For Miss B, I made my second family reunion dress in a 3T. You can find the first one I made here

I absolutely love this pattern. The pin tucks, the detail stitching on the hem, I love it all. Despite the detail, this is another quick sew. It only took part of an afternoon. Now, let's just hope that she will wear it! She's been so stubborn about clothing lately.

Are you sewing for KCW at all? I have so much planned for these next few days, I hope I can finish everything! I spent two weeks planning, cutting, piecing. I really went all in and so far am having a great time!


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