Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ice cream tunics (almost).

I love sewing the o+s ice cream dress. It's such a cute style and the options with it are endless. My favorite is the "ombre" editions I made for the girls a few years ago. I also made a pair that were inspired by a vintage suitcase, too. The ombre version was featured on the oliver+s blog, that was a proud moment for me! 

For KCW I thought I would make two more for the girls that didn't match, but coordinated instead. I wanted to make the blouse version and then thought they would be cute at a tunic length. In my rush, I forgot to lengthen the pattern before cutting. Oh well, I just continued on and stuck with blouses since I already cut everything out. These didn't make it to the sewing table for KCW, so they were sitting for about a month before I was able to start on them. 

I pulled them out last week and found a huge issue. I hadn't bothered to think about making sure the blouse length was long enough. It wasn't for either of the girls in the sizes I cut (Miss L a 4T and Miss B a 3T). These were going to be crop tops. Not cool. I thought about adding on the bottom layer from view A, but I really didn't want to cut out more fabric (lazy). So, I dug into my stash and found some lace, it just so happened to be a very pale pink, which went with the color scheme just perfectly. Sorry for the picture overload but these girls are just too cute.

Miss L's top is muslin on top and a light pink quilting cotton on the bottom, she is wearing a 4T. I only have the smaller sizes version of this pattern, I may have to buy the bigger version because I love it so much.

Miss B never wears shoes outside, she is my little hippie. For her blouse, I used a white polka dot on top and a bright white for the bottom, she is wearing a 3T.

Aww, some sister love. They love each other but sometimes you wouldn't know it with all the arguing and fighting they do.

They are still a little short for my taste, but I averted the crop top disaster, thank goodness.


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