Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pictures week #1

Well, I went more than a week between blog posts. I just can't keep up! I have about 10 projects in various stages of completion (I am not even joking) so I don't have anything to share right now except some snapshots of what's been going on around here. Maybe if I do a photo dump weekly it will motivate me to edit my pictures within a few weeks instead of letting them sit on my hard drive for months on end. So, we'll see how this works. :)

"Springtime" (88 degrees) is here, finally, I'm not complaining though, I love the hot. We spent tons of time outside this week.

Sweet tea is essential in warm weather.

so is sunscreen.

Big sissy (Miss L) had her dress rehearsal last week and we had fun watching her on stage.

She gets a little distracted up there and will go for about 5 seconds just staring out at the audience and smiling. It's really adorable. Above she finally located me in the audience and gave me a big grin. 

Of course, Miss B found some flowers (weeds) to pick before the rehearsal. If there are flowers, she will pick them, all of them.

Glamour shots on the bridge. Stop looking so grown up, Leilani.

Bella doing what she does best, running! As a sidenote, it was almost 90 degrees this day and Miss B insisted on wearing her combat boots.

We watched daddy play softball and the girls found a homeless baseball and practiced playing "catch" which consisted of throwing the ball in the opposite direction of the person you are playing "catch" with.

We celebrated Benny Boo's 1st birthday a little early and combined it with Mother's Day this year. Of course I made a 5 layer vanilla strawberry cake. I wish I had a picture of the cake when it was sliced, it was so beautiful. Totally worth the hours in the kitchen. It contained enough butter to make Paula Deen happy, and it was delicious.

I can't believe this little guy is almost one!

I'm so glad that this Mother's Day I am holding this guy in my arms and he is not doing handstands on my bladder while kicking me in the ribs or causing my ankles to swell up like balloons. I was extremely uncomfortable at this time last year. 

Happy Mother's Day! With 3 of my 4 munchkins, Miss B was rolling in the hallway crying (you know, normal three year old stuff).

I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day!


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