Thursday, May 1, 2014

spruce it up a bit.

I was given three of these chairs a few years ago. They were ok, just boring and dull, but they still had great "bones" so I knew I needed to freshen them up a bit and give them a little personality.

The woven seats were in great shape on two of the chairs, but one of them had water damage and had turned gray. I thought about re-weaving the seats and it looked like a headache so why not paint them? I researched online and didn't see anything that said I shouldn't paint them, so I went for it.

I sanded the chairs down and cleaned off the seats with a dry rag. I used kilz spray paint primer to prime the chairs, including the seats. I ended up using about 5 cans of kilz, all of which I had on hand. I like to buy it in bulk for the discount at Home Depot. :) Make sure you shake that stuff really well or it sprays out in clumps, which is really annoying.

I let the chairs dry completely after priming them and then I taped off the seats using plastic bags and painters tape and spray painted with my final color. I thought bright green, light blue and teal would be fun. Each chair used about two cans of paint for two coats. I let the chairs dry about 6 hours between coats.

After removing the cover from the seats, I sprayed a little of the final color in the corners where the wood met the seat because sometimes the tape covered the wood a little and the paint didn't cover those sections, which bothered my perfectionism.

Here we are all ready for the seat to be painted. The seats were painted using a brush with interior latex paint. I wanted to use what I had on hand which ended up being a semi-gloss in an off-white. It really doesn't show too much of a sheen, so I think it worked well. These chairs aren't going to be outside in the rain so indoor/outdoor paint didn't matter to me.

All freshened up and ready for some porch sittin', sweet tea sippin' and mosquito swattin'. 

Total cost for three new-to-me-chairs was about $20 for the spray paint, I already had the primer and semi-gloss, score!


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