Wednesday, June 4, 2014

sharing my home - the master bedroom.

I don't know about you, but I get a spring cleaning bug about the same time every year and this year was no different. Just about the end of March, when I was so sick of being cold and wet, the temps start to creep up and my house seems just a little brighter during the day. It also seems like it needs a decor facelift and perhaps about 15+ hours of deep cleaning. Ok, it's not that dirty, but the decor could use an update.

It's funny how your decor tastes can evolve and change every so often. We worked so hard on putting this little house together last year before the baby came. I painted every piece of furniture in sight, we made countless trips to IKEA and slowly but surely our drab little rental house started looking more like a home. We still have more work to do, but we have a nice bit of work done. I thought it would be fun to show you the portions that are somewhat complete.

We'll start with the master bedroom/nursery. We have four bedrooms, but I have never had a room that is dedicated solely to my creative addiction. So we opted to give baby a corner in our bedroom and keep the back bedroom open for guests and my creative messes.

Here is my bed before, pillow cases were from target and the throw pillows were from IKEA. None if them were my favorite, but they fit my color scheme so I lived with them for a while. Pardon the crooked pictures, those are my photography in some frames from IKEA.

Here is the after shot. I found new pillow cases with a pretty aquamarine print from Target. New life was given to the IKEA throw pillows by giving them fresh covers. Dana has a great tutorial here. There is even a headboard in the works for our bed and I'll share that soon. That is kitty's side of the bed, it's his favorite napping spot.

Baby's crib fits nicely next to our bed. It was a hand-me-down crib that I sanded and painted gray to match our color scheme. The crib set is from Land of Nod. The granny stitch baby blanket is made by me, I blogged about it here.

I found the mobile kit on etsy and, I thought it added a little bit of sunshine to that dark corner of the room. 

Just need some art work to hang a baby's corner will be complete!

Of course, you can't have a nursery without a changing table. This is a dresser from IKEA that I painted the same color as the crib, the rug is from Zulilly and the artwork is me-made.

 I painted these using acrylic paints on 8x10 canvas, I finished these about a week before baby came last year, when I was up all night with false labor contractions. Might as well create if you can't sleep.

Now on to the adult corner of the room. This was my Grammie's nightstand that I painted an icy blue. I updated the drawer pulls by spray painting them black.

The dresser is another unfinished pine piece from IKEA. I used the same icy blue for the drawers, replaced the knobs and painted the everything but the drawers with an off-white for a nice contrast. I am still working on pictures for this wall. I want a wedding/engagement pictures gallery wall. You can't see all of the mirror, but that was from some hotel furnishings sale and I painted it black. It didn't have a home when we lived in Seattle, but it fits nicely in our room.

Like I said before, it is a work in progress and we will probably finishing everything right before our lease is up. Then we can start all over someplace new!


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