Thursday, November 13, 2014

Who am I kidding?

I've been in some sort of turmoil over this blog for quite some time, years really. In the beginning I really wanted to get into it, with constant projects, tutorials, blogging schedules, the whole nine yards. I had major envy of all the "cool" bloggers back then and really wanted to be one of them. I did it for a while and it was fun while it lasted but could never really give it my all. Then, another baby was on the way and I was really sick so I stopped blogging, next I went back to school and blogging stopped again, then we moved across the country, I got a full time job, another kid arrived and well, you get the idea. 

I've neglected this space for so long, but never forgot about it. I would complete a project and feel guilty that I never took any "blog-worthy" pictures to prove that I actually did the project. Then, the sane (or maybe crazy?) part of me would think, who really cares? Who really wants to see that you painted that table, sewed a new dress, or took some pretty pictures. Does anyone really care and would it really matter if no one knew that I was doing something creative? I don't know. But I know from personal experience that I actually enjoy seeing other artists and the lovely things they create. Creativity is contagious and for me, I really feed off of someone else sharing their work. I want to share what I've made, even if I am the only one who ever sees it here.

So, I've come to a decision that yes, I want to continue blogging but not for the reasons I started out with. No, I don't want to churn out tutorials, DIYs and pinterest worthy pictures every day. But, I do want to write. I want to express my thoughts, my feelings, share tidbits of life and of course my creative side. I want to be able to come here when I have time and not feel guilty when I don't. I want to chronicle my creative endeavors and see the things that I've made over the years. I want my kids to have something to look back on and see a fun glimpse into their childhood because at the rate I'm going I'll never finish another photo album until they are 55 and by then I'll be too old to remember anything. I want this space to be inviting not just for me but for others if they happen upon it. I don't want the "bad-blogger" guilt that always bothers be when I don't post anything for two weeks or more. I'm going to keep it simple and drop the requirements that I put here for myself. No rules, no guilt, just words, pictures and a few projects here and there.

I feel better already!

Now, If you'll excuse me, I have some "artwork" to remove from a bedroom wall. Thank goodness for washable crayons and markers.


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