Friday, January 9, 2015

Making scarves.

It's what I do lately, among a few other things. They are easy, simple and very much a necessity in this winter weather. It was 10 degrees this morning. I'm just going to come out and say it, I don't like the cold, I don't like being cold and I really don't like this "polar vortex" nonsense that streams down unbridled from the north pole.

Anyway, back to the scarves. Let's start with my favorite.
It's a pattern from All About Ami and it's her Triple Luxe Cowl, which is super easy and simple. It makes for a nice thick cowl. It's a cute, simple pattern and I used Woolspun from Lion Brand Yarns as she suggested.
Here is a view of the reverse. Next time I make this I will make it about half the width. Maybe I am weird but I don't like my scarves/cowls to feel like neck braces. This is just a little too thick. But it is soft and warm so I can deal with it for now.
 Kitty approves, too. That is, of course, necessary.

Next is a simple little scarf that I really don't care for. I won the yarn a few years ago and it's just not my favorite colors, but I felt like I should make something with it. So I made a "lacy cowl" using a v stitch. And, I don't like it. Oh well, can't love everything you make.

Next up is a cowl that I made using a double crochet with a chain stitch in between. It give a nice, open, mesh-like feeling that I really like. It's really soft and not very long so it wears like more a necklace. A warm, cozy necklace.
I wear this one a couple times a week, I really like it.

Next is another pattern from All About Ami, the Twist Cowl. This is a fun cowl, made with wool yarn so it is a tad itchy, but warm and super cute.
 Kitty like this one, too. Meow.
I like it so much I wore it for our family pictures, here's an outtake. The three
littles are looking in three different directions. Yep, that's sounds about right.


Friday, January 2, 2015

What a great year!

2014 was challenging, but wonderful at the same time. I feel like I found myself in some ways and in others I've stayed exactly the same. I think struggling a little will do that to you. 

Despite some hard times, my family was and still is healthy and mostly happy, so I am very thankful for that! The lapses in happiness are usually caused by some sort of tantrum from a certain three year old. But we are hoping those start to become few and far between as she gets a little older...

In blog land it was a fun year too, because I actually blogged! Here's a little round up of some posts from 2014...

We went up to Michigan to play in the snow after Christmas...

Miss B, turned 3 and we had a fabulously Frozen birthday party for her. It was so much fun to put together. I mean, glitter, sweet treats, turquoise/aqua, and twinkle lights, can't get much better than that!

I wrote quite a few posts on dresses I made that never found their way onto the blog. This one is my favorite. Here is another cute one.

I crocheted quite a bit, as I often do in the wintertime. I even whipped up some amigurumi, which I hadn't done in forever! Pinkie Pie was my favorite yarn creation.

I made three versions of the Rollerskate dress, 1, 2 and 3...

I was a pattern tester for two fun patterns, the Half Moon Bay Dress and the Sweet Simple Dress. Testing patterns is super fun, I hope to do more of it this year.

I finished the front porch chairs I has been working on for a while. They turned out great!

I participated in my first KCW last spring and again in the fall, so fun! Fall was especially enjoyable because I made costumes...Anna and Elsa, of course.

The Garden Party dress was another favorite from this year, I made two versions, one for Easter and a silk one, it's such a pretty dress!

My little man even had an outfit sewn up by his mama, it was pretty adorable if I do say so myself.

I shared a sneak peak of one of my favorite rooms in our house, the master bedroom. Then, I took the summer off from blogging because we were visiting family in Seattle and my sewing machine couldn't come with me and soaking up family time was more important than this blog. :) 

We started homeschooling this year and are enjoying the adventure.

Here's to a wonderful 2015! I hope this year is full of happy kids, learning, sanding, priming, painting, sewing, selfish sewing, yarn, baking and getting in shape. You know, normal "me" stuff. :)

Cheers to 2015!