Friday, January 9, 2015

Making scarves.

It's what I do lately, among a few other things. They are easy, simple and very much a necessity in this winter weather. It was 10 degrees this morning. I'm just going to come out and say it, I don't like the cold, I don't like being cold and I really don't like this "polar vortex" nonsense that streams down unbridled from the north pole.

Anyway, back to the scarves. Let's start with my favorite.
It's a pattern from All About Ami and it's her Triple Luxe Cowl, which is super easy and simple. It makes for a nice thick cowl. It's a cute, simple pattern and I used Woolspun from Lion Brand Yarns as she suggested.
Here is a view of the reverse. Next time I make this I will make it about half the width. Maybe I am weird but I don't like my scarves/cowls to feel like neck braces. This is just a little too thick. But it is soft and warm so I can deal with it for now.
 Kitty approves, too. That is, of course, necessary.

Next is a simple little scarf that I really don't care for. I won the yarn a few years ago and it's just not my favorite colors, but I felt like I should make something with it. So I made a "lacy cowl" using a v stitch. And, I don't like it. Oh well, can't love everything you make.

Next up is a cowl that I made using a double crochet with a chain stitch in between. It give a nice, open, mesh-like feeling that I really like. It's really soft and not very long so it wears like more a necklace. A warm, cozy necklace.
I wear this one a couple times a week, I really like it.

Next is another pattern from All About Ami, the Twist Cowl. This is a fun cowl, made with wool yarn so it is a tad itchy, but warm and super cute.
 Kitty like this one, too. Meow.
I like it so much I wore it for our family pictures, here's an outtake. The three
littles are looking in three different directions. Yep, that's sounds about right.


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