Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kids Clothes Week Day #2

Well, another day of sewing is behind me. Another frustrating day. It's like the kids know I want to sew so they everything in their power to prevent me from sewing. It's fun. I like it.

Anyway, I made two more Nessie Tops. I'm addicted, I admit it. I made a size 6 and 5 this time for Miss L and Miss B, respectively. The length was much better this time around and they should last until next fall.

Miss L refused to pose for pictures, which is really strange for her and Miss B wanted to pretend she was sleeping. So overall, the sewing and photographing of these shirts was over the top fun! Can you tell that last sentence is just dripping with sarcasm?

The fabric is from my December Knit Fix from Girl Charlee. If you don't know what a Knit Fix is you need to find out because for fabric addicts like myself, it really is a fix and I need love it. I have a "me" shirt cut out and waiting to be sewn from this same floral and I can't wait to sew it up. This fabric is so buttery soft and has a nice 4-way stretch. I'm not sure exactly what it is though. But I like it none the less.

Hope your day is great! I am determined to make this day better than yesterday. I hope the kids are on board with me, HA.


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