Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sewing out of my comfort zone

I sew for my girls quite a bit. I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I'm no novice, either. One area of sewing I don't venture into very often is selfish sewing, sewing for me. In fact, since I started sewing again after Leilani was born, I have made myself about 2 things. No joke. This doesn't include the 5 or 6 refashioned items that I made years ago and blogged about. The 2 items I did make, never even made it onto the blog. That's how much I liked them, ha.

Well, that has changed. Since January 1st, I have made myself two shirts. Two shirts that I actually like and that I actually wear. I didn't like what I made before because they were made with woven fabric and not comfortable, these shirts are knit and so soft and comfy.

I ventured out of my comfort zone even more and took some pictures of myself in one of the said selfish sewing items that I made. Please pardon the awkwardness of what you are about to see. There was a crying toddler involved who was not going to wait for mama to take pictures of herself, much less let me properly focus my photos. It was nighttime so light was non-existent, plus, I think I'm just awkward in pictures.

This is the Union St. Tee and the fabric is from my December Knit Fix from Girl Charlee (duh). It's the same stuff I sewed with for for Day #2 of KCW last week. I've said it before and I will say it again. This fabric is SO soft and I love the print. It is almost too busy to wear without a cardigan, but that's ok. I think it would look good with a navy blue infinity scarf to distract from the floral madness going on there.

 The pattern is great for those just starting out with knits and you can customize your sleeve length or add a v-neck. I opted for the scoop neck and applied the neckband in the way I usually do to reduce bulk and make it look more store bought, I guess. I used my double needle for a nice top stitch on the neck line, arms and hem, it helps with a clean, finished look.

So yeah, I am pretty proud of myself for sewing this up and actually sharing it. I see myself making more and more items for myself because I can make what I want and enjoy the process. Win win!


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