Tuesday, April 28, 2015

more ME clothes

Well, I didn't quite finish out with Kid's Clothes Week like I had imagined. I finished the final outfit, but I never photographed it. Miss L wore it to church on Sunday and then the day just slipped away. Hopefully I can get picture taken soon because it is pretty adorable!

Anyway, back to the post at hand, this isn't about clothes for my kids, it's about clothes for me. In my December Girl Charlee Knitfix I received 2 yards of a lovely rayon spandex blend. It has a beige background with a black, floral print. It's buttery soft and I LOVE it! I loved it so much I was afraid to cut into it. 

Finally, in February, I gained enough courage to introduce it to my scissors. I thought a 3/4 sleeve Lane Raglan would be cute.

I cut the sleeves off a shirt that didn't fit my arms well and used them for sleeves (yay, no hemming the sleeves).

Instead of a band around the bottom, I added three inches to the length and hemmed. I used a knit stabilizing tape to give the hem a little weight. 

I really like how it turned out and to make things more official, I added a bias tap tag.

 I've worn this shirt quite a bit before the weather turned warm. I like it!

Photo credit goes to my six year old. Set up the tripod, give her the remote and she is good to go!


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