Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring and stuff.

Hi again. I took a little blogging break. Only two months. You know, pretty normal for me. I may have been absent from this blog, but I was not absent from life. I was lovin' on my family and my sewing machines.

It has finally warmed up around here. The daffodils and tulips cautiously bloomed last month and then the bradford pears and flowering cherry trees exploded a few weeks ago. Then, last week, it snowed. Not the snow you're thinking of, not white snow. More of a bright green/yellow snow. It's called pollen, or southern snow. Although I don't care for the pollen and the itchy eyes that it brings. I'd rather put up with pollen than the real snow stuff because pollen means the weather is warm and the sun is out!

Anyway, in the two months that I was gone from this space I was sewing a few things in my limited spare time. 

I made this scarf out of a baby hacci sweater knit from my December Knit Fix from Girl Charlee. It's a fun aztec print with such pretty muted colors.

It was my first try at an infinity scarf and it is a little narrow so it's more of a necklace. Oh well, still cute and still wearable for Spring.

I also made this self drafted shirt from the same fabric. I traced an existing shirt but couldn't add a band at the bottom because I ran out of fabric.

Although I love the fabric, it's so soft and has a nice drape, I don't love the shirt. It fits ok and gets worn around the house, but I may turn it into a t-shirt for one of my girls. I wish that everything I made was my favorite, but it can't always be that way.

After cutting the scarf and shirt out of my 2 yards, I only had scraps left so if you ever wondered what you can get of two yards, there you go. :)

I'll be back tomorrow for the start of Kid's Clothes Week!


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