Friday, June 5, 2015

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, not too long ago, at a Hobby Lobby just down the street, I saw the most lovely fine wale corduroy that I had ever seen. I knew immediately that it needed to be made into something for Miss L and Miss B. Does fabric ever speak to you like that? It does to me all the time. I walk by and can feel it pulling me in. Before I know it, I have a two yard cut and am standing in line at the checkout counter. It's like it takes me hostage and I have no willpower. But hey, if I make it into something pretty, I'm not going to complain about it's power over me. What can I say, fabric makes me weak.

Anyway, since this fabric hostage situation happened back in November, this beautiful corduroy was made into some cute Thanksgiving dresses. I've started a tradition of making the girls dresses for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas for two simple reasons. Reason #1: November is a less hectic month than December. Reason #2: the girls are gifted at least 3 gorgeous dresses for Christmas each year so there's no point in me trying to make them another.

On to the dresses!

Miss L's dress is the oliver+s hide and seek dress view A. I didn't do anything special to modify it, which is weird for me. Sometimes I am lazy. I'm thinking next time, if I use a solid for the contrast fabric, I should move the buttons to the front for some detail. 

Miss B's dress is the oliver+s Library Dress. I've made this pattern for their Thanksgiving dresses in 2013 but did a short sleeve version. This dress is adorable without the collar and the color looks so cute with my little Bella's blonde hair.

This is the best picture that was taken of the girls in their dresses. Unfortunately that is what happens when you cook your first Thanksgiving turkey and play hostess for the first time as well.


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