Monday, August 31, 2015

Is that September I see?

Call me crazy, but I'm not ready for summer to be over. Down here in Georgia, the heat is still on for a while longer, but pools are closing and kids are back in school. That makes me sad! It feels strangely like fall even though it's hot and I've even seen a few leaves give up and fall to the ground. 

While I sit here mourning summer, I might as well show y'all another dress that I made for the Sew What Club. This is just in time for back to school sewing, it's due to be released on September 1st. 

It's an adorable drop waist dress, with an adorable pleated skirt, called the Maren Dress. Jessica from CINO is the pattern designer. I think she did a great job! 

Since this was a test, I used a basic quilting cotton from my stash, but this would be beautiful with some gorgeous cotton from April Rhodes' new collection, Bound. I am dying to get my hands on some of that!  

The peter pan collar is a cute addition and this would make a great school uniform if made in a solid color. This little gal lost another front tooth last week. I love the no-teeth cute! :)


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Another fun pattern from the SWC!

If you're a Sew What Club member, this is the pattern you received on August 15th. May I introduce the Marsielle Romper! This one is cute! As soon as I received the pattern to test, I knew exactly what fabric I wanted to use.

I've had this beautiful floral in my stash for about five years now. It was from a vintage fabric haul my great Aunt gave me. It's been sitting there just waiting for a project and this was it! 

Unfortunately, I barely had a yard of it. So I had to fussy cut and there was no room for mistakes. Usually that is no problem for me, I don't make too many mistakes, except for this time. Oh the mistakes, oh the tears, oh the frustration.

I was almost done cutting and then on the final piece I cut one of the bottom back pieces out twice in the same direction instead of mirror images. I panicked. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal but there was NO fabric left to correct the mistake. I wanted to throw in the towel because I hate making mistakes. I wanted to give up and just go to bed. But I didn't give up nor did I go to bed. Instead that back portion was pieced together using two pieces of fabric. I thought I would just do that for the sake of photographs and then this romper would be scrapped.

But no! It isn't noticeable because of the large floral print and I think it is adorable! Unless you really look close you can't see it. The mistake is in the picture above, see if you can find it? 

I'm glad I didn't trash this one. The fabric was just too pretty to waste.