Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Another fun pattern from the SWC!

If you're a Sew What Club member, this is the pattern you received on August 15th. May I introduce the Marsielle Romper! This one is cute! As soon as I received the pattern to test, I knew exactly what fabric I wanted to use.

I've had this beautiful floral in my stash for about five years now. It was from a vintage fabric haul my great Aunt gave me. It's been sitting there just waiting for a project and this was it! 

Unfortunately, I barely had a yard of it. So I had to fussy cut and there was no room for mistakes. Usually that is no problem for me, I don't make too many mistakes, except for this time. Oh the mistakes, oh the tears, oh the frustration.

I was almost done cutting and then on the final piece I cut one of the bottom back pieces out twice in the same direction instead of mirror images. I panicked. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal but there was NO fabric left to correct the mistake. I wanted to throw in the towel because I hate making mistakes. I wanted to give up and just go to bed. But I didn't give up nor did I go to bed. Instead that back portion was pieced together using two pieces of fabric. I thought I would just do that for the sake of photographs and then this romper would be scrapped.

But no! It isn't noticeable because of the large floral print and I think it is adorable! Unless you really look close you can't see it. The mistake is in the picture above, see if you can find it? 

I'm glad I didn't trash this one. The fabric was just too pretty to waste.


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