Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Some Selfish Sewing

I've never participated in selfish sewing week because I didn't start sewing for myself until about a year ago. That all changed when I discovered the wonderful world of knits. Since that discovery I've made quite a few things, things that I actually wear! I thought it would be fun to share some of those wearable items this week. There was no planning done for this so these are all things I've already made and love wearing. My sewing time this week is devoted to assembling pdf patterns and cutting those patterns out, not my favorite part but it has to be done.

To start, here is one of my favorite shirt patterns. This is the Day Tripper Top by Shwin Designs. 

It's a dolman style top that comes together really quickly and is pretty cute. 

The fabric is from a Girl Charlee Knit Fix, it's a Jersey Rayon blend. It's a little sheer, so a tank is necessary underneath and that means this is not something I can wear when it's warm, but it was only 73 and rainy yesterday so I didn't melt.

This is the second I've made of this pattern so far and I like it more each time. It's cute without being too boring and is a little more fun than a regular t-shirt. I guess it dresses up my "mama" uniform just a bit.

Happy Selfish Sewing Week!


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