Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Friday Dress...on a Tuesday!

Here is another pattern I was able to test from Petit a Petit patterns. You can get it on UpCraft right now  for 25% off for two days only! It will be available from the Petit a Petit website next week.

This is such a cute dress! There are three collar options, two sleeve length options and two skirt options.

The fabric used is from Joanns, it is a thicker quilting cotton that was perfect for dress. It has plenty of stability but still has nice drape.

I made the stand up collar and I think it turned out really cute

 I'm a sucker for a perfect button placket, this one turned out so cute!

 There's an option for gathering or pleats on the back bodice if you would like a more tailored look.

 The skirt has two options, a semi-circle skirt or the full gathered skirt. I bet you can guess which one miss L wanted. She loves to twirl! I enjoyed this pattern and will be making another. I was thinking a plain chambray with short sleeves whenever the weather warms up again, it would be perfect for spring.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Loveralls Skirt

As if those Loveralls I posted a few weeks back weren't cute enough, there is another version of this pattern that is just as adorable. 

This is the Loveralls Skirt by Petit a Petit. This pattern came out a few days ago and is available for 20% with a coupon code for the month of November.

Without further ado, here is my version of the Loveralls Skirt.

This pattern is so, so cute. Miss B loves to wear dresses so this is the perfect version of the Loveralls for her to wear. She may be a tomboy but she loves a cute dress.

There are three versions of the bib you can make and three options for the skirt so you can customize these to your heart's content. I thought the classic bib was cute with a simple skirt.  

I top stitched in white just the like with the Loveralls. I am a sucker for contrast. If using denim, make sure you use a denim needle, it will make a world of difference!

All of the details for hardware recommendations can be found in my post about the Loveralls. Good hardware makes all the difference!

So cute from the back with those crossed straps! 

 Such sass, love this little lady. :)


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Loveralls

I'm back with some sewing to share! I recently tested a pattern from Petit a Petit + Family and it was just what I needed to give me back my sew-jo.

Summer isn't ideal for sewing and once school started there wasn't much time to sew even though I wanted to, but I jumped at this testing opportunity and I am glad that I did! I've been sewing all the things again and it makes me so happy!

May I introduce to you, the LOVERALLS!

Taken from the UpCraft Club website "The Loveralls Dungarees are a unique PDF sewing pattern to create a classic or fashion forward pair of overalls."

There are three options and I made option C, which is perfect for showing off a cute t-shirt. I love the skinny fit and pocket details. I installed a fly which was a first for me and definitely was not hard. I've learned with sewing that scary things are never scary and it's better to dive in and try it rather than sit back and wonder if you'll fail.

This was only the second or third time time I've sewn with denim and it was the first time I really went to town with the top stitching. It was a ton of work and took a long time because I was constantly switching out my thread for assembly and then top stitching...annoying. The work is worth it though because the contrasting stitching looks fab!

 Aren't the straps in the back cute? And those pockets are adorable.

I used a denim with 3% spandex and my daughter loves the fit and the stretch.

I'm going to be brutally honest here and not recommend using Dritz for fasteners as I spent a small fortune on that brand with terrible results. When installed, they basically melted as I was hammering the buttons in. So disappointing! Instead, I found a shop on Etsy that sells high quality dungarees hardware, Green Grizzly UK. They were very responsive with questions I had and shipping was fast. Installation was easy, these fasteners and buttons are the real deal!

 Of course a pair of cute Loveralls has to be paired with some cute Chucks. :)

You can purchase the pattern here and it's on sale, 25% off for the first three days! Buy it, you'll be glad you did!

Happy Sewing!


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pretty dresses for a few pretty girls

A while ago it was Easter Sunday, or as it is more appropriately called, Resurrection Sunday. I made my girls coordinating dresses to wear to church. I never got around to sharing them because, well, I'm busy. But, I had a few spare minutes today and instead of folding the mountain of laundry in my room (I'm not even kidding, it's a mountain) I decided to edit these photos and write a blog post.
 Sometimes it's hard to get this one to cooperate for pictures.

There's the smile I know so well! This year I brought out my stash of oliver + s 5-12 patterns and let the girls pick what they wanted me to make. Last year and the year before I suggested patterns and they agreed and then I let them help pick the fabric. This year I wanted them to choose and I gave a few options for fabric and they decided who wanted what. It's fun to see what they come up with and the delight on their faces was evident after I completed the dresses. Love that!
Miss B wanted her dress "LONG" this year. She kept reminding me of that while I was sewing. The Fairy Tale Dress has a longer hem that you fold under a few times so that the skirt is weighed down properly. Instead, I halved what I should have folded under of the hem so she could have a "LONG" dress. Personally, I think it is cuter with a shorter skirt, but I wanted her to be happy. I made a size 6 for Miss B this year.
Leilani decided on a sleeveless Garden Party Dress. This dress is so cute and a really fast sew which is always a good thing for me. She is finally in a size 7, my tiny little gymnast.

This dress is unlined, so it's perfect for the summer heat and has been worn to church quite a few times.

The fabric for both of the girls dresses is from Hawthorne Threads the April Rhodes Arizona collection

Miss B's dress is the Triangle Tokens in Agave and Miss L's dress is the Crystal Arrowheads in Desert Crystal. I have been drooling over this collection for quite a while and I knew I wanted to make something for my girls with it. 

I don't sew much with wovens anymore but it was a nice change from my usual knits. These quilting cottons are so crisp and such a great quality, so easy to sew with.
Sweet girls. :) I'm so happy they have each other.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Me Made May, Day 21

Another Santa Fe for day 21. This is the simple dolman version without the insets and it's a quick sew. I need to make a few more of these in solids as they are cute with shorts and sandals or jeans and sneakers (I hate that word), I mean Converse.

The fabric for this one is from Girl Charlee knit fix last summer. It's a lightweight rayon spandex blend and oh, so comfy. I'm not normally and animal print person but I do love cream and black together and I can't say no to purple, ever. 
Usually I can't wear t-shirts in the Georgia heat and I live in tank tops all summer but the Santa Fe is not clingy and I've been able to wear it on hot, humid days. For fall, it'll be cute under a black cardigan. Options, people, options.

I think that's about it, sorry for the lack of pics, I wasn't feeling to chipper this weekend, so this is all there is.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Another Santa Fe

Hey y'all, it's Day 16 of Me Made May and I'm wearing another Santa Fe Top by Hey June. It's on sale for $7.50, go get it!

This released last Thursday and it is such a fun sew! 6 different options, from a tank top with insets, to a dolman, to a raglan style dolman. I love all the different options for one pattern!

This is the tank version with the smaller straps. I used a jersey rayon spandex blend and drapes beautifully. It is the perfect blend for this pattern. The fabric is from Girl Charlee knit fix from a few months back. I love, LOVE tie dye, it's so fun and trendy to wear right now. 

I have another of these cut out, a tank with thicker straps, just need to find time to sew it. But, I should probably get a haircut first, yikes.

I think if I was offered more money or more time, I would choose time. There is not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do. 

Or maybe I would choose money, which could pay for a house cleaner and a cook, AND someone to do laundry, then that would give me more time, hmmm, hard choice. :)


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Day 12...

 I'm still trucking through Me Made May. 

Today I wore another Patterns for Pirates Boundless Dress. I have made two of these and have another cut out that I can hopefully sew up this weekend. They are a really fast sew, especially now that I have the bodice modified a bit to my liking.

I used a cotton spandex blend for the bodice and a rayon spandex blend for the skirt. Both are from Girl Charlee

It has pockets, of course. It's comfy and cute and worn with flip flops it is super casual. Or, you can pair it with some wedges for a nice, more polished look. I went for as casual as possible today (surprise, surprise).

I think that's about it, I can't believe we are swiftly approaching the halfway point of this month. Time marches on whether we want it to or not!