Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hey June Trevi Dress

This post is long overdue. The Trevi Top and Dress from Hey June released last week! This is an awesome pattern (all of Adrianna's are) and it is perfect for Spring.

When I tested this dress we had a weird cold spell for about three days. I needed to get final pictures during those three days and I tried to stand outside, but even with the sun out it was way too frigid. We got all of Winter in a short blast one weekend at the end of February. It was cold but then it was gone and Spring is back in full force. What I was trying to say is the cold is why my photos are indoors.

Anywhoo, here is the Trevi. This is a pattern for wovens and you can make a top, or a dress. I'm a sucker for cute Spring dresses so that's what I made, y'all. 

I found this rayon challis at Joanns and it was perfect for this pattern. I am going to have to make some sort of slip for it because it's a little sheer. All of my childhood nightmares of being forced to wear a slip are coming back to haunt me.

I love the high cut neckline because I don't need any wardrobe malfunctions. The length is super cute, just short enough to be a little sassy. The buttons up the back are a pain to finish but the end result is so worth it! All seams are finished inside and the sleeves are finished with bias tape so this dress is as pretty inside-out as outside-in. If that makes sense?

If you're looking for a fun new pattern for your Spring wardrobe, look no further! You can purchase the Trevi Top and Dress here. Here is a fun roundup of all of the other testers of the Trevi Top and Dress.


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