Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Anza Dress

Hey y'all. I tested another amazing pattern from Itch to Stitch. This time a dolman style shirt dress that also has a jumpsuit option. I wasn't brave enough for the jumpsuit so I tackled the dress.

The fabric is a rayon plaid from Joanns. It is lovely but heed my warning, it's a pain to sew with. It grows and stretches and slips all over the place. So I stay stitched constantly, used five million pins. and tried not to say too many bad words.

The pattern itself is amazing, it's not a quick sew by any means but that ensures that the end result is fabulous. Kennis' instructions are clear and concise and full of lovely little details which come together to make a fabulous garment. Sizes offered are 00-22 and cup sizes A-DD so there is no more fussing with altering the bodice for the perfect fit.

The jumpsuit versions I've seen were pretty cute. I might have to try making one if I am brave enough. The pattern is on sale until Sunday and you can find it here. I highly recommend it, a perfect sew for spring!



  1. I love this! This dress is on my sewing list this month. Good to know about the fabric. Well, maybe... I have a couple yards of it too. I will have to choose my pattern wisely :)

    1. The fabric is beautiful but, yes, it's a pain so be prepared. :)


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