Friday, May 12, 2017

The Willamette Shirt

When I first heard the name of this pattern I was immediately brought back to my childhood remembering the many hours I spent playing The Oregon Trail. Crossing the Willamette River was always the last challenge. Will my wagon be too heavy? Will my oxen drown? Oh dear, the stress! That game was fun, so many hilarious memories playing with my sisters. But I digress, I've gone on a tangent again.

May I introduce the latest pattern from Hey June, the Willamette Shirt. I've made two versions so far, but I'm only going to show you one today and I'll save the other for another day.

This is view B, with a fun hemline and the boxy style that is so in right now! I made this shirt, then walked into Target a few days later and boom, there were some similar styles hanging there. Adrianna is on it.

There is also a cropped style which I haven't been brave enough to attempt yet. We'll see though, hopefully I can pull it off.

I highly recommend any of Adrianna's patterns, including this one. Easy to understand instructions, a professional finish every time and such fantastic attention to details. For example, with french seams the inside of this shirt is just as pretty as the outside, not many ready-to-wear items are like that.

This is a "linen like" fabric from Joanns, it's sheer but breezy and perfect for summer. It makes the shirt a bit boxier than it would be if I used something with more of a drape, but I really like it!

Grab your copy of the pattern here!

Well, I'm off for some more sewing. Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Ha! Love the background story! I learned I've been saying it wrong in my head.... Love your version!


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