Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Sandbridge Skirt

I made a denim skirt, y'all. Like a real denim skirt. I've made a few denim items for my girls but nothing for me, so this is a big deal!

The Sandbridge Skirt is another amazing pattern from Hey June Handmade. I love Adrianna's patterns, they are perfection. 

I thought white topstitching would be a fun contrast with this light stretch denim that I found at Joann. Eventually, I may get brave enough to distress this skirt just a bit because I think it would look amazing.

I'm glad denim skirts are making their way back into my closet and being able to sew my own is even better because I can customize for the perfect fit. This one is not too long and not too short. It's can be dressed down with a cute tank and flip flops or dressed up with a nice tee, necklace and wedges.

I think my favorite thing about this Sandbridge is the raw edge, can't wait to see what it'll look like after a few washes.

You can find the Sandbridge Skirt pattern here, sizes 2-22, it's the perfect wardrobe staple for all shapes and sizes, go get it!