Friday, February 2, 2018

Bryce Cargo Pants

So I just did something that I've never done before. I MADE myself a pair of pants. Pants that actually fit me really well. Pants besides leggings, of course, because I've made plenty of those.

These are the Bryce Cargo Pants from Hey June Handmade and they are on sale through the weekend!

Look at those cargo pockets! They can be sewn with the pleat open like I did here or you can sew the pleat shut for a more tailored look.

The Bryce Cargo Pants are mid-rise, which is super flattering on all shapes and sizes. 

Since this was my first time in pants making land, it was also my first time in pants muslin making land and let me tell you...a muslin makes all the difference! I added 1" of length below the knee and moved the knee dart up 1". On my next pair I will be adding an addition 1" of length above the knee and I think things will be just about perfect.

These are a skinny fit, but they are not skin tight. I used a heavier weight stretch cotton twill from Fashion Fabrics Club and I love the result. I definitely want to make another pair with a lighter weight stretch twill.

They turned out so great I just can't get over it.

And with insides as pretty as this, you can't go wrong!



  1. These look fabulous on you!! I can't believe they are your first pants!! Beautiful waistband and fit and button choice.

    1. Thank you so much! I really didn't have to adjust much, it's just a great pattern!


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