Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Madrona Skirt

Testing just wrapped up for the Madrona Skirt by Straight Stitch Designs and the release was Monday! This is a pretty wrap skirt that is perfect spring (if it ever decides to arrive).

I made mine from a gorgeous jacquard that I found at Joann. It's thicker than a rayon but still drapes nicely.
I really didn't know what to style this skirt with since the weather is still so cold. So, I thought a button up would be cute paired with flats. I really wanted to wear my chucks but I resisted.

In the summer this skirt would be cute with a tank or fitted t-shirt. Or, a loose t-shirt knotted up on one side. And sandals of course because that's all I wear come summer.

This sewed up in just a couple of hours which was really nice after spending days on my Bryce Cargo Pants. It's always helpful to have a palate cleanser after sewing something complicated.

You can purchase the Madrona Skirt Pattern here.

Happy Sewing!

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